The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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Photography from the Roff Home

Paranormal investigators frequently claim to find strange images reflected in the windows of the Roff Home. Here are a few examples.

Woman's face at the top of the picture hanging on the wall

(Source: Kevin Carleton, Detroit, Michigan)

Woman's face at the top of the photo hanging on the wall


Man's face in the plaster wall at the top of the stairs to the left

(Source: Kevin Carleton, Detroit, Michigan)

Man's face in the plaster wall to the left of the top of the stairs


Woman's face and form outside the mother's room on the second floor

(Source: Illiana Paranormal Society)

Man's face in the plaster wall to the left of the top of the stairs


Face appearing in a front window

(Source: Shelley Chang)


Face appearing in a window of the garage

(Source: Shelley Chang)


Orb to the left of the front porch

(Source: Shelley Chang)


Triangle of light in the entrance to the attic.

Note that the window faces north and the window into the attic is covered by wide overhanging eaves. No direct sunlight can reach that window either in the winter or summer, and no other entrances exist to the attic that would allow in light. One possible explanation is that light is reflecting off of the camera lens, creating the triangle of light. (Source: Shelley Chang)


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