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The Roff Home

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Roff Home: PoolThe Grounds

On the north side of the home, there is a swimming pool, which has been temporarily filled with sand. Katharine Clifton had this pool built during her 1940 renovation. It is believed to have been the first in-ground private pool in Iroquois County.

The view looking northward offers a wonderful expansive landscape stretching back many acres. Sunrises and sunsets are particularly gorgeous from this location. This expanse of land used to all belong to Katharine Clifton and historically pertained to whomever owned the Roff Home. An avid pilot, Katharine Clifton's airplane hangars still sit behind the trees to the northeast.

Roff Home: GrottoAt the rear of the west garage, there are many light-colored stones cemented together and laying on the ground. This was once a pond and grotto that Katharine Clifton built from stones she and her mother shipped back to Watseka during their travels around the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A stone walkway used to wind a path from the pond to the pool.

Roff Home: Magnolia treeOne of the goals of the renovation is to have the pond and grotto rebuilt. The walkway is buried beneath soil and grass.

Flowering plants and trees dot the landscape, with a magnolia tree and bridal bouquet bushes coming into bloom each May. A calendar of important dates related to flowering plants and trees at the Roff Home can be found here.

The winter months provide a pristine view from the second floor of the home. especially after a snowfall. The picture below is taken from a second story window from the room that Lurancy Vennum is believed to have stayed in at the Roff Home.

Roff Home: WinterMore on the Home


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