The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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The Roff Home

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Roff Home: The original porchOut Buildings

Decades ago, out buildings dotted the property around the home. A barn stood behind two large trees northwest of the house. And a well house was nestled among bushes beneath an oak tree. An outhouse, in all its indignity, stood behind two pine trees behind the home. As late as 2005, brick from the outhouse still protruded from the ground behind the pine trees in the back.

Just to the west of the west garage, some 800 bricks that used to be a well house stand in poorly stacked piles, overgrown with weeds and catalpa saplings. The bricks descend at least six feet into what was the opening into the well. The mortar that remains on some of the brick seems to be of the same quality as the mortar on the rear second story section of the house, indicating that it dates from the first renovation of the home, which is believed to have taken place in the late 1800s.

Early residents at the Roff Home would go to the barn each day, milk the cows, and then lower the buckets of milk into the well to keep the milk cool throughout the day. The well eventually ran dry and fell into disuse. Currently, it is not a priority to rebuild the well house.

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