The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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Roff Home: The original porchThe Tale of Two Porches

Two front porches have been attached to the house. The first, visible in the picture to the right, shows the porch as it stood in 1895: a narrow, rectangular structure with a thin roof and balustrades running along both the first and second levels. The details of this porch, which we believe to be the original porch on the home, mimic the elongated features of the home��s windows.

Elements of Victorian Italianate StyleThe second porch, shown in the photo from 1941 to the right, is rounded with wider features than the prior rectangular porch. Due to deterioration, this porch was removed in the fall of 2005. The posts and balustrades were preserved and are in storage.

Feelings run high regarding the two types of porches. Women tend to appreciate the rounded porch and reject the rectangular porch. However, we have a strong sense that the original rectangular porch is better aligned with the intended Victorian Italianate style of the home. However, pictures available from 1929, showing the rounded porch with balustrade, and surrounded by the large flowering bridal wreath bushes, and pictures taken after the home��s renovation in 1940, make strong statements for the elegance of the rounded porch.

We believe that the porch shown in the picture from 1895 is the porch originally designed for the home. We don't know what brought about the demise of the original porch. Whether it was termites or other critters, the weather, or the personal whims of a later owner, we'll never know. However, we believe that the posts and the first-level balustrade were recycled between the original and second porches. The color scheme of the original paints on the posts and balustrades match the oldest color scheme found on all outside woodwork, such as windows, doors and eaves.

Based on a rough timeline that we've been able to piece together of major renovations to the home, we believe that the second porch was constructed in the mid to late 1920s. This would correspond to the time in which Judge Raymond owned the home and used it as an office.

Our goal is to rebuild the original porch as depicted in the picture from 1895.

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