The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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Roff Home: Timeline of Ownership

The following dateline was compiled from records held at Iroquois Title Company. It details the ownership of the home and of the surrounding property from the time it was initially ceded by the U.S. government.

1835 The U.S. government cedes 80 acres, which includes the terrain where the Watseka Wonder home will be built, to Vincent Wamsley.

1838 Jonathan Wamsley purchases the 80 acres from V. Wamsley for $800.

1841 Thomas Huston purchases the 80 acres from J. Wamsley for $800.

1864 On Oct. 24, Asa B. Roff and Robert Doyle purchase the land from Thomas Huston for $3,600.

1865 Mary Roff dies on July 5.

1865 On July 28, Asa Roff and Robert Doyle divide the 80 acres into separate tracks of land, with each taking individual title to the separate tracks.

1868 Asa Roff and family complete construction of the brick home at 300 E. Sheridan Street. The home sits on a 6.25 acre plot known as ��Lot 5.��

1878 On Feb. 11, Lurancy Vennum moves into the Roff household for three months and 10 days, convinced that her body has been taken over by the spirit of the deceased Mary Roff. She leaves the household as the ��cleansed�� Lurancy Vennum on May 21.

1879 On May 27, the Roff family sells the home and grounds to Mrs. Phebe Coney and moves to Kansas.

1886 On May 1, William and Phoebe Coney sell the home and grounds to Robert and Francis Doyle for $3,500.

1907 On May 23, the Doyles sell the home and grounds to G. O. and Georgia Trauzettel of Riverside, California, for $8,000.

1907 On Sept. 20, the Trauzettels sell the home to Daniel and Lucinda Perry for $4,000.

1909 On May 25, the Perrys sell the home and other lands to Simeon F. Sanders of Grant City, Missouri.

1911 On Jan. 16, the Sanders sell the home and grounds to J. E. Tedder of Medde County, Kansas, for $10,000.

1911 On Dec. 22, J. E. Tedder sells the home to John and Harriet Stone for an undisclosed amount.

1912 On May 6, John and Harriet Stone sell the home and grounds to James O. Bailey, who managed Iroquois County Title & Trust Company in Watseka. Mr. Bailey holds legal title to the property, while Judge C. W. Raymond holds equitable title. Judge Raymond uses the home as an office.

1939 Katharine (Fisher) Michel, who later marries to William ��Pete�� Clifton, takes possession of the home after the death of her step-father, C. W. Raymond.

1962 Ivan and Verna Looker inherit the home from Mrs. Clifton.

2005 On March 30, the current owner purchases the home and five acres of Lot 5. The home enters a long-term process of renovation and renewal.

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