The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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Testimonials from Paranormal Investigators

Kevin Carleton, paranormal investigator from Detroit, Mich., visited the Roff Home in Feb. 2010

"I don't think I've ever looked more forward to an investigation than the Roff House after reading the story of 'The Watseka Wonder.' After investigating the home, what I experienced was supported through EVPs and photos."

In the mother’s room
"On a number of occasions, I heard disembodied voices that were caught on digital recorder. A couple of these incidents took place in the basement and Mrs. Roff’s room. While filming in Mrs. Roff’s room, I had an experience in which my back was to the closet door. Kristen and I both heard the door handle rattle. I wasn't near the door to cause it to move. In reviewing the evidence, the digital recorder catches an EVP where someone says 'help me.'"

In the basement
"When we entered the basement, we both had an uncomfortable feeling being down there as if we weren’t welcome. Our feelings were supported by EVPs of a male voice telling us to 'get out' and 'go back.'"

In the rear parlor
"Kristen had an experience in which she was sitting on the couch and she had the sensation that her hair was being touched. At that moment, an EVP is caught of someone laughing."

In the front parlor
"While in the front parlor, I had moments in which I felt someone was looking down on us from the top of the stairs. As I was taking pictures in the front parlor, I took a photo looking up the stairs. In consecutive photos, there appears to be a white figure in the shape of a face on the right side of the front parlor and a face on the wall going up the stairs."

TJ Furkins, paranormal investigator with Midnight Ghost Hunters, Kentland, Ind., has investigated the Roff Home twice in 2009 and 2010

"Looking back at every ghost hunt that my group has conducted, I believe that the Roff Home in Watseka, Ill., has produced the most and the best evidence we have ever collected on any hunt, which scares the hell out of me!"

"While I was operating a video camera for two team members conducting an investigation upstairs, one person began to feel dizzy and felt very cold. At the same time, I could hear a voice trying to say something, but it just sounded like a bunch of mumbled words. I asked the two team members whether they could hear it, and they stated that all they could hear was a humming sound like something mechanical was running. I had a sensation that someone was watching me from behind. I turned and looked, but the only thing behind me was just an empty room."

"A few days later I went over my digital voice recorder and found EVP evidence — in my opinion, the best we've ever had. I found words being mumbled and also something saying 'No!' When I heard this I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement. I analyzed this piece for days to make sure it was not one of us making the noise or any other thing producing the sound. I have no other explanation than that this was paranormal activity."

Gregg Hamilton, paranormal investigator with Midnight Ghosthunters, Kentland, Ind.

"I was outside in front of the Roff Home while we were setting up for our investigation of the property. I looked up into the upstairs window and saw a little girl dressed in clothing that looked to be from the 1800s era. Sue Durkin, a psychic who came along with us, was standing behind me and said, 'Did you see that?' I wanted to verify what she saw first and asked, 'What did you see?' Sue stated that she had seen a little girl perring down at me. When she told me this the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and goosebumps ran up and down my body. I replied, 'Yeah, that's what I saw.'"

Sue Durkins, sixth-sensory intuitive, Soul Glancers, Milford, Illinois

I am a sixth-sensory intuitive. I have grown up all my life having known and being able to experience things. I channel and can do mediumship. I have been blessed with what some people call psychic abilities. I try to maintain a positive outlook, even when I’m in a situation where there may be negative energy, but I think that if I maintain more positive thoughts on a higher vibrational level, then if there are other negative energies there, then I won’t have as many problems as other people with fear or depression might have.

I’ve visited the Roff Home several times. The first time I came to the house I saw the spirits of a tall man, a woman, and two younger girls standing at the top of the stairs. At other times, I’ve seen the same woman and two girls in the mother’s room upstairs. At other times still, I can sense other energies or entities here, but I can’t completely see them.

One spirit I have seen repeatedly in the home is that of a tall man (6’3” or 6’4”) with a lanky frame. He has a beard and has light brown hair that is starting to turn gray hair. He is playful and has a sense of humor, and I've even seen a twinkle in his eye. However, he doesn't like negative energy. So if you come in with a negative attitude he'll let you know it.

I see three types of spirits in the Roff Home. I believe that some that are here are being held here and don’t even know that they are dead and are Earth-bound. Others are here and choose to be here. While others have passed over and choose to visit occasionally.

I feel that the Roff Home has two types of energies: those that have been associated with the house or who have lived in the house and who want to stay (but they have not necessarily died there), and then there are energies that have picked this house to rest in or to visit.

Out in the yard under the oak trees there is a lot of negative energy. There’s a line I won’t cross and I won’t go out there at night. And what's out there doesn't seem to cross that line and come to the house. The ones in the house seem to be related to the house, such as people who actually lived there. And then there are entities that are visiting.

I have found that each time I have come to the house I'll experience some of the same entities or spirits again and again, but there have also been others that I had not experienced before. I’ve discovered the reason that new entities will appear has to do with the number of people in the home. The young lady and girls would show up for me when there were a limited number of people in the home. At other times, the house had a lot of human visitors, and then other entities and human spirits would appear as well. I believe that when there are a lot of people in the house, the entities are drawn out by the energies of all of these people, making them more able to interact and appear in the environment.

I think that the activity I sense in the Roff Home is related to the Spiritualism that the Roffs practiced while they were here in the 1860s and 1870s.

I have encountered spirits in the house, both negative and positive. However, for me it has been more of a positive experience. The negative spirits are brought out in the home when there is a good amount of negative energy from people in the house.

How people act in the home makes a big difference in how the spirits interact with them. I’ve seen that people who come in with a negative attitude are not dealt with in a positive way. If people come in with curiosity and are respectful, then they are welcomed. I find that the spirits enjoy visitors, and if they don’t, then it usually comes down to the attitude of those who are in the home.

The interaction with the spirits will be different from event to event, depending on how controlled the environment is at the Roff Home. Which spirits become active will depend on the mixture of people in the home and what their attitudes are. I know from experience that spirits need to be treated with respect and as if as they were alive. I think that often we — those of us who consider ourselves sensitives, psychisc, ghost hunters, or paranormal investigators — don’t treat the spirits with respect or we come in with a negative attitude. So the spirits don’t reveal themselves and don’t interact. Or they’ll do the opposite and have a negative reaction. What I find is that how they were in life is how they are in death.

Kathy Langellier, paranormal investigator of Illiana Paranormal Society, has visited the Roff Home twice (2008 and 2010)

"On the upper floor, in the top left bedroom off the stairs, we were using the EMF meters and taking pictures, as well as recording for any EVPs. Scanning the room, I noticed a shadow move left to right in the room across the stairwell in front of a window. I told my group what I had seen and went over to the room and started taking pictures. It wasn’t until later that we discovered in a picture a lady in period attire with her hair up and looking toward the left. Mind you this was taken upstairs in the home. This lady appears to be on the outside of the window two floors up."

"We had many personal experiences at the Roff Home as well. There was an overwhelming feeling of sadness upstairs in the rooms. We found unexplainable cold spots. And we felt we were being watched by someone who did not want us there."

"During a later investigation, our K-2 meter went off in the upstairs bedroom during communications with what we believed to be a young girl. Having our group psychic and a sensitive there, we found that the house became alive once more."

Miguel Lopez, paranormal investigator with the Chicago Paranormal Research Institute

"My most memorable experience at the Watseka Roff house would have to be the effect on an individual’s mood that the house imposes. When I first arrived, I felt noticeably intimidated by its daunting and dark appearance. It reminded me of the Amityville house with its piercing front windows that resemble eyes. I felt as if I wasn’t welcomed and several of the other team members felt the same.

"But after the detailed explanation, historical background and walk-through from the owner, I felt relaxed and all feelings of anxiety were gone. It’s as if once you understand the house, its past and where it will be in the future, you feel at ease and welcomed."

Ursula Kalin, paranormal investigator with the Chicago Paranormal Research Institute

"The first word that comes to mind when I think about the Roff Home in Watseka is 'majestic.' The home is quaintly isolated, yet not desolate, since there are homes in the surrounding area.

The Sewing Room
"The experience that stands out to me happened during the tour with the owner. When we approached the sewing room I felt this strange queasy sick feeling of not wanting to enter the room. I kind of hung near the entrance and I mentioned to some of my colleagues that it just did not feel right. I did not want to enter this room. After my investigation and while reviewing my EVP evidence, I ran across a disturbing audio clip that was taken in that very room.

The Basement
"Another interesting experience was the basement. I felt very unwelcomed, like I was not supposed to be there. It seemed claustrophobic, even though it was a large space. As we were investigating, we thought we heard whispers, which we caught on audio. One of them said 'get out.'

The Mother's Room and the Crib Room, or Infant's Room
The mother’s room, which includes the crib room, was also very interesting. This room was converted into a sauna by the previous owner. The room gave me a feeling of pure evil. Miguel and I started a session using a ghost box. (A ghost box is a device that scans radio frequencies at a rapid rate. The audio emits short audio of the stations picked up. These frequencies are often interrupted by voices that do not appear to be part of the radio stations transmitting their programming.) As part of the investigation we asked questions to try to provoke a response. So one of the questions I asked was 'Who is here with us?' One response was 'tell them' and shortly after that was 'the Devil.'

Another incident that stands out is when Miguel and I were in the crib room recording an EVP session. I asked the spirits to move something to prove they were there. We observed the room and noticed a vase sitting on a shelf. After briefly leaving the room, we returned to finish our EVPs. Miguel went to sit down and as he put his arm up he almost knocked over the vase.  Miguel’s response was 'how did that get over there?' I shrugged and said, 'Well, I did ask it to move something.'

This place was amazing. I would love to visit again to find more about the mysteries of the Watseka Wonder and the Roff Home.

Regional Investigators of the Paranormal, Westville, Illinois

Our group investigated the Roff Home on April 2010. During our investigation, our members reported more personal experiences than any we've experienced in any other home. We've never recorded hearing voices with our own ears in any other place we have investigated. The Roff Home was a great experience!

Our individual group members experienced the following during our investigation of the Roff Home:

  • a feeling of being touched on the neck
  • an unexplainable loud bang in the basement
  • a shadow walking upstairs
  • a voice saying "Hello" across all three floors of the home
  • an undecipherable male voice, along with chanting coming from the first floor
  • a shadow across a doorway leading from the father's room to the mother's room upstairs
  • a faint growl in the infant's room
  • a voice saying "help"
  • the couch seemed to move on its own while two people sat in it
  • the phantom smell of flowers in what was presumably Lurancy's room upstairs
  • a shadow looking upstairs
  • two voices in the mother's room, one saying "yes" and another saying "tickle, tickle"


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